Destiny's Reward

Shadowfell Keep
Some Time Ago, Last Year

The group started five strong in the town of Winterhaven, hearing strange rumors and goings on in the old keep a few miles to the north. Both eager to make a name for themselves and blissfully ignorant of what dangers actual lurk in the wilderness, the group set out to investigate the keep.

Under the ruins of the old stronghold, the group found a band goblins making their home in the ruins, led by a fierce warrior named Irontooth. Delving further into the earth, the group encountered the walking dead, hobgoblins, and even a disgraced paladin named Keegan, cursed to live out his days as one of the undead he fought against while among the living.

Eventually, the group found the force behind the encroaching enemies-a powerful priest of Orcus named Kalarel-trying to re-open the portal to the Shadowfell underneath the ruins of the keep. A fierce battle erupted between the group, Kalarel and his minions, and even some shadow-creature trying to come through the partially opened portal. The group won a hard fought battle, killing the priest and stopping the ritual. Almost as retribution for failing to open the doorway, the thing partially out of the portal dragged the corpse of Kalarel back with it. The portal itself closed on the tendrils of the shadow-creature though, severing a portion of it. In the sudden stillness after the fight, the shadow stuff left behind burned off like a fog, leaving behind a large, pitch black egg.

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